Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Image Analysis in Teleradiology


H.Handels, C.Hahn, J.Miehe, A.Will, P.Bernardes, C.Busch, V.Kühn, E.Rinast, H.Putzar, K.Rösler


ISDN, teleconferencing, teleradiology, tissue segmentation, supercomputer, neural networks


For ISDN based image exchange, consultative discussion, and image analysis in teleradiology the software system KAMEDIN (Kooperatives Arbeiten und MEdizinische Diagnostik auf Innovativen Netzen) has been developed. During teleconferences user interactions for image processing etc. are synchronised and performed simultaneously on different workstations using functions of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). For computer assisted diagnosis remote tissue segmentation and classification in intracranial MR data can be performed via ISDN with neural network classifiers on an external supercomputer.


Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer and Communications Systems for Image Guided Diagnosis and Therapy, CAR'95, Eds. H.Lemke, Springer, pp.754-758, (1995)

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