Morphological Operations for Color-Coded Images


C.Busch, M.Eberle


image analysis, morphological operations, color-coded images, dilation, erosion, opening, closing, bridging, tunneling


The subject of this paper is the semantically based postprocessing of color-coded images such as classification results. We outline why the classical definition of mathematical morphology suffers if it is used for processing of coded image data. Therefore we provide an extension for morphological operations such as dilation, erosion, opening, and closing. With a new understanding of morphology we introduce bridging and tunneling as further combinations of dilation and erosion. The extensions are applied to medical image data, where the semantic rules stem from basic anatomical knowledge.


Proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS '95, Computer Graphics Forum, Vol.14, No.3,pp.C193-C204, (1995)

A PostScript version, compressed with gzip, can be found here.

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