KAMEDIN: Cooperative Work and Computer-aided Medical Diagnosis on Digital Networks


V.Kuehn, E.Rinast, C.Busch, H.Handels, J.Miehe, A.Will


CSCW, medical diagnostics, teleconferences, tissue segmentation, Kohonen Maps


KAMEDIN (cooperative work and medical diagnosis on digital networks) performs the exchange of medical image data between users at different locations on an ISDN basis by using CSCW mechanisms for a synchronized processing of the data. The system offers an effective tool to achieve diagnostic help with computer support. It focuses on teleconferences of locally seperated radiologists or medical experts and automatic segmentation of medical image data with image analysis techniques. In April 1995, KAMEDIN was introduced in the field. An extended group of radiologists, neurosurgeons, and other medical staff started to use and test the system in their clinical routine and for complicated diagnosis. (KAMEDIN is a research project fully supported by the Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany.)


RSNA '95 - Scientific Program, Supplement to Radiology, Volume 197(P), pp.543, 1995

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