ISDN based Teleradiology and Image Analysis with the Software System KAMEDIN


C.Hahn, H.Handels, E.Rinast, P.Pernardes, C.Busch, V.Kühn, J.Miehe, A.Will, H.Putzar, K.Rösler


CSCW, medical diagnostics, telconferences, tissue segmentation, Kohonen Maps


This contribution describes the software system KAMEDIN (Kooperatives Arbeiten und MEdizinische Diagnostik auf Innovativen Netzen) that is designed as an ISDN based computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) tool for usage in medical diagnostics. Medical image data from various sources (for example CT and MR) can be interchanged and analyzed in bilateral teleconferences via ISDN. During a cooperative session user interactions for image processing etc. are synchronized and performed on both workstations. Features like telepointing, remote control, and audio connection enhance communication quality. With ISDN as transmission line widespread availability and low communication costs are achieved. Further, automatic tissue labeling in intracranial MR data can be invoked. For this purpose artificial neural network classifiers such as multilayer perceptron and Kohonen feature map are integrated. Classification results can be viewed as 3D-reconstructions.


Proceedings of MEDINFO 95, 8th World Congress on Medical Informatics , Editors R.A. Greenes, H.E. Peterson, D.J. Protti, published by IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association), ISBN 0-9697414-1-3, pp.1511-1514, (1995)

A PostScript version, compressed with gzip, can be found here.

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