Links about Biometrics

The following web sites are interesting for further research on biometrics and the 3D-Face project itself:

Link Description
ICT for Trust and Security Unit EU research on the security and dependability of Information and Communication Technology
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 Portal of the relevant standardization body on biometrics
CEN ISSS Biometrics Focus Group Focus group on European interest in biometric standardization.
CAST-Forum CAST-Forum offers a platform for scientific and applcation oriented workshops on IT-security with one focus on Biometrics.
European Biometrics Forum The EBF is composed of some of Europe's leading privacy, technology and usability experts who are focused on establishing a realistic vision for the future of the biometric indutstry in Europe.
TURBINE An FP7 Integrated Project (IP) with the goal to develop innovative digital identity solutions combining secure, automatic user identification and reliable protection of biometric data.
BioSecure A network of excellence (NoE) with the goal to integrate multidisciplinary research efforts on biometrics-based identity authentication methods.
European Biometric Portal The European Biometrics Portal (EBP) is initiated by the European Commission to encourage and support the exchange of information and data on biometric technology initiatives, deployments and trials.