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Recently, multimedia watermarking hasemerged as a powerful mechanism toallow content protection and hence forthsecure disclosure of multimedia objects. Although watermarking technology israther young, Europe currently holds a verygood position in this area, due to early R&D efforts on this topic.


Christoph Busch
Email: christoph.busch@h-da.de

Michael Arnold
Martin Schmucker

CERTIMARK - Certification of watermarking techniques

However, theassessment requirements, tools and proce-dures of the current technology are practi-cally non-existent and commercialisationand standardisation efforts in this area arehampered. There is a lack of systematicbenchmarking of existing methods and of proven robustness of current algorithms.Assessment of technologies in a clear framework should allow open competition between technology suppliers while maintaining a given quality standard as measured by the benchmark. The aim of CERTIMARK, based on the benchmark reference, is to make watermarking algorithms labelled with an international «certificate».

This certification process and award will be conducted by a major international rights
holder representative. CERTIMARK addresses these issues with two main activity directions:

  1. Design and development of a complete benchmark suite for watermarking technologies.
  2. Research on high-end watermarking algorithms.


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