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Biometric Systems

Lecture start:  Tuesday, 02. April 2019
Time: 08.30h
Location:  Hochschule Darmstadt, Schöfferstr. 8; Room D14/403

Seminar preparation:  Friday, 05. April 2019
Time: 08.30h
Location:  Hochschule Darmstadt, Schöfferstr. 8; Room D14/403
Examn: Tuesday, 14th of May 08.30h
CP: 6

Precondition for participation: Basic knowledge in digital Signal- and Image processing is beneficial but no required condition. The lecture is delivered in English. The course is open for students from Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) and TU Darmstadt (TUD) Link to the description.

Further Questions: Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch
(Email: christoph.busch@h-da.de)

Lecture and Seminar in Summer Term 2019 (Hochschule Darmstadt - LV 41.5028):
Biometric Systems


Biometric recognition of individuals based on the observation of behavioural and biological characteristics, such as face, iris or fingers. Such methods can be used for verification or identification applications and constitute a comfortable alternative to knowledge based or token based methods.


The lecture begins with an overview of biometric applications and then covers selected biometric concepts, particularly fingerprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition and iris recognition. To this end, the relevant physiological characteristics, their variability, and potential problems are discussed before analyzing different approaches for each of the attributes to be investigated. In each case, not only benign applications are covered but also potential bottlenecks such as insufficient sample quality along the entire processing chain. The use of multi-biometrics including data fusion is discussed both in the context of robustness against attacks and improving the overall accuracy of the recognition process. The course continues with a discussion of the ethical and privacy-related issues in biometrics, along with possible limitations and technical mitigation mechanisms. Special attention is given to privacy enhancing technologies that provides protection of sensitive biometric data. In this line the course concludes with comparison-on-card approaches and template protection concepts that allow revocation of biometric references.
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The complementary seminar extends the content of the lecture with topics on current application areas. These topics are researched and analysed. The topics will be introduced in first meeting and are available online in this Zip-file . The password will be provided on request. Presentations will take place on June 14, 18, 21 and 25.

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