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With OnlineTicket, ticket distribution over the Internet is realized. The ticket medium is normal copier paper. In comparison to a chip card-based approach, this medium offers a number of advantages to the promoter and to the customer. The customer just needs a normal printer to generate tickets.


Christoph Busch
Email: christoph.busch@h-da.de

Henning Daum


With the Internet, a completely novel marketing and distribution channel has emerged. Service - as well as product - providers can use different media forms to make a broad offering of information accessible. By way of the Internet’s interactive form of communication, the customer can develop individual pieces of information. If the associated products are available in digital form, the Internet can also be used as a distribution channel. In the meantime, there are suitable methods of online payment and available security mechanisms. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of also using the Internet as a disribution channel. Classic markets include those of information and software. Add to these, digitalized image, sound and video data, and the »online ticket« or ticket distribution is on its way. This means that tickets are issued to customers in electronic form over the Internet. A customer then transfers the electronic form received onto an appropriate medium. This gives the concert and event promoters an additional marketing and sales channel and the endcustomer an enormous service benefit. He no longer has to locate a ticket sales agency or even pick up the ordered tickets. He can also spontaneously decide to buy tickets, since they are immediately available.

An integral part of the ticket printout are all the event dates in legible form. The ticket printout offers the promoter additional room for advertisements and additional information. Ticket validation is automatable.
In addition to the use of normal copier paper, OnlineTicket has also distinguished itself by its integrated security mechanisms. Each ticket can be checked for authenticity and the missuse of copies is detctable. OnlineTicket combines simple usage with effective fraud protection. It is appropriate for use in all event contexts (movies, theater, sporting events, concerts,...) or for transport applications (train etc.)


The OnlineTicket System is commercially available and used in a number of event systems since summer 2000. You may want to visit the following selected examples:


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