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Project Sponsor

Morpho (Safran Group)

Project Partners

NBL - Gjøvik University College
ZAI - Hochschule Darmstadt


Christoph Busch
Email: christoph.busch@hig.no

Kiran Raja
Raghu Ramachandra

Smartphone Based Eye Biometrics


Recent advances in smartphones have implemented fingerprint based authentication proving the usefulness of smartphone as a biometric sensor. With respect to impact of environmental conditions and presentation attack detection current smartphone based biometrics still shows deficiencies. In order to provide also a contactless biometric modality iris recognition is investigated.
Morpho has partnered with NBL- Gjøvik University College and ZAI - Hochschule Darmstadt to explore eye biometrics on smartphones. This project will analyze the feasibility of using eye based biometrics on smartphones in the visible light spectrum and develop methodologies to employ not only the iris texture but also the vicinity of the eye (i.e. periocular biometrics). This work will investigate the merits of smartphone with innovative cameras for iris recognition and develop video based presentation attack detection system for iris recognition. The outcome of this research work shall be integrated into a Modular Biometric Authentication Service System (MBASSy) providing any user with a choice for preferred modalities from fingerprint, gait or iris to authenticate.

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