End-User Group

End-User Group Activity

It is the intention of the 3D Face consortium to disseminate the information about the project to a group of end-users which will be interacting with the consortium through a set of meetings. Focus of these meetings is to inform about the project activities and results, and also getting feedback from End-Users. The End-Users group was set up to contribute to the technical specifications and requirements definition. Later during the validation phase the purpose will be to illustrate the achievements of the project and to collect reactions useful for the project. The first End-User Meeting of the 3D Face project took place on March 22, 2007.

Second End-User Group Meeting on February 21, 2008

The 3D Face project invited again legal experts and security authorities as well as potential clients of the 3D Face system such as legal or technical experts from airlines, airports and border authorities to attend the second End-User Group Metting. User requirements and ncessities were discussed. The prototype system was presented.

The End-User Meeting of the 3D Face project took place on February 21, 2008 at the premesis of the Airport Berlin Schönefeld, Berlin, Germany.

For further information and registration for future meetings do not hesitate to contact:

Agenda of the second End-User Group Meeting