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Bundesdruckerei (BDR)

Core business and skills

Bundesdruckerei is one of the leading companies in high-security technology world-wide. Founded in 1879 under the name of "Reichsdruckerei", the company has developed from a traditional state-owned security printing house into a supplier of a vast variety of security products and systems. Bundesdruckerei, which was privatised in November 2000, now serves domestic and foreign markets with ID documents and high-security cards, banknotes, postage and revenue stamps, as well as electronic publications of all kinds. The company also offers complete systems for the centralised and decentralised production and personalisation of ID documents, as well as other services, for example, in conjunction with the electronic signature. In addition, Bundesdruckerei supports the federal government in many tasks related to its sovereign functions. Whatever the company's activities are, the focus is always on security. In order to meet heightened security demands, Bundesdruckerei covers the entire range of personal identification and document verification, from the issuing of ID documents right through to border control. In this context, the company is focusing more and more on new technologies in the field of biometrics. These technologies have decisive advantages to offer and serve as the foundation for new methods with more reliable identification of individuals and documents.


Bundesdruckerei is determined to achieve a high degree of technical product and process innovation, to be seen as a driving force for innovation processes and to intensify research and development with new system solutions. Certification of the company's quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 confirms Bundesdruckerei's highest quality standards. They will concentrate their participation in SP3 on the training and monitoring of validation pilots in airports.