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Joint Research Centre (CGC)

Core business and skills

The JRC, through its Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen (IPSC), provides sound scientific support to underpin EU policymaking and give the process itself added credibility. The JRC has a wide range of competencies with broad skills in measurements, analysis and testing and world-class facilities form a focal point for aiding European research. Moreover, JRC has a deep understanding of the policy agenda. Being an integral part of the European Commission, the JRC shares the same objectives. It provides fast and impartial advice to European institutions for shaping key European policies and on the impact of technology on policy or the effect of policies on competitiveness, sustainability and the individual citizen. The JRC carries out specific high-level research in close co-operation with European industry and other bodies. This enables them to be alert to new developments, analyse relationships, quantify input, assess options, support specific policy measures, store and disseminate information, and develop dependable procedures and measurements.


With respect to biometrics, the IPSC is already involved in the development of test and evaluation methodologies for the new biometric enhanced European passport for which the facial image is the first biometric identifier. The IPSC is therefore carefully assessing new technologies to exploit this biometric identifier for automatic recognition under due consideration of its ethical acceptability.