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Polygon Technology (PLY)

Core business and skills

Polygon Technology GmbH, created in September 2001, is the manufacturer of the complete systems for the three-dimensional digitization of real objects and the production of true-to-form computer models from the input of a certain cloud of points. The target of the enterprise is the innovation of the optical three-dimensional measurement and the model reconstruction. With the QTSculptor-digitization system real world objects or form prototypes can be easily measured from multiple views and reconstructed by merging multiple views into watertight three-dimensional models. The software was developed at the Fraunhofer IGD and brought to fruition by the Polygon Technology GmbH. The operation of this system enables substantial assistance in the reconstruction of model forms. Polygon's products can be used in the three-dimensional digitaisation of designer models and Reverse Engineering, for the documentation in the preservation of ancient monuments, the three-dimensional presentations on the Internet, and generating of shape copies with Rapid Prototyping. The objective of the company is the further development and commercialisation of QTSculptor, a 3d-digitalization system for scanning, triangulation and texturing.


Polygon Technology will lead the work package WP2.2 dedicated to the data acquisition system. It is in its core business and will allow it to make a large step forward and enlarge its field of application.