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Sagem Sécurité (SGM)

Core business and skills

Sagem Sécurité (SGM) belongs to the SAFRAN Group, an internationally-based high technology group which enjoyed consolidated sales of morethan 10 B€ in 2004, with more than 50 000 employees. Sagem Sécurité is the world leader in biometric technologies and maintains a presence in more than twenty countries. Sagem Sécurité know-how comes both from its capacity to master fundamental technologies and its ability to integrate them in complex systems up to operational level, with system co-ordination. In the biometric area, Sagem Sécurité is very well known for its fingerprint products, as well as for its recent implementations incorporating facial and iris technologies. In the domain of facial technology, the involvement of Sagem Sécurité can be underlined through three different actions:


Sagem Sécurité is fully skilled and committed to the project management SP1 and as a major player in biometric solutions for security to the sub-project 3 devoted to integration, validation and demonstration. They will devote specific research efforts to the face texture study proposed as part of the 3D Face project.