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The CNR - IBB (Institute of Bio-structures and Bio-images of the National Research Council of Italy) is active in biometrics since several years and often operates in partnership with CNR - ISGI (Institute of International Juridical Studies Napoli section) and the Federico II University of Napoli. The research is coordinated by Ing. Mario Savastano and the main activities include:
• Evaluation of direct and indirect potential medical effects of biometrics;
• New algorithms for 2D “enhanced” face recognition systems;
• New algorithms for 3D face recognition systems based on stereovision approach.
The CNR - IBB (formerly Nuclear Medicine Institute) has joined in 2000 the NIST ad-hoc group on testing and performances and in 2001 has been one of the promoters of the EC funded BIOVISON project. In this context Mario Savastano, the CNR - IBB responsible for the research in biometrics, has been the scientific responsible of the WP on the potential medical implications of biometrics.


CNR will lead WP4.2 Privacy, Cross-Jurisdictional and Societal Aspects.