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Core business and skills

Cognitec’s software experts have been developing face recognition technologies since 1995. Their software technology is able to recognize persons in video images or on photos from their characteristic facial features. FaceVACS has proven to be one of the leading biometric products on the market. Industry and government customers have been using FaceVACS for physical access control since 1996. Border control based on face recognition ensures the identity of the passport holder. Face recognition software allows the location of duplicates in large photo databases through 1:many comparisons. Software used for identification of people in video images provides more security in public areas. Cognitec’s software can also be incorporated into other programs through its FaceVACS-SDK (software development kit).


Cognitec is fully engaged in the process of making a breakthrough in face recognition technology. They will contribute to different technical tasks and concentrate their research on WP3.3.