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Salzburg Airport (SZG)

Core business and skills

Salzburg Airport is the second largest airport in Austria. The traffic grew in the last four years by 45% increase. Salzburg Airport has direct connections to the main countries in the EU and provides services for all types of airlines in the aviation business:
•Line business with the important Full Service Carrier FSC (e.g. British Airways BA; Austrian Airlines, Star Alliance Member)
• Low Cost Airlines LCC (e.g. Ryan Air)
• Charter Airline Business
SZG is acting as "Gateway to the East" and has to operate the airport with all types of passengers like: EU member states; Non EU; Schengen and Non Schengen. Under this circumstances airport security is a main task. In the charter business SZG has to handle up to 35.000 passengers per day. All these tasks should be supported by new highly reliable tools in airport security. The forecast for the next years is planned with a yearly + 7% growth in passengers p.a.


Salzburg Airport will participate in the definition of detailed specification and operational requirement. They will conduct the validation phase.