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Computer Graphics Centre (CGC)

Core business and skills

The Computer Graphics Centre (CGC) a privately funded, non-profit research organization, was established as a European platform for significant application-oriented training, research, and development in the field of computer graphics. Jointly supported by the Darmstadt Technical University (TUD) and numerous companies and institutions, the CGC research and development work concentrates on computer graphics and related areas of information technology, and graphics applications. CGC conducts applied contract research in medium- and long-term projects requiring complex infrastructure, technical support and professional project management. The central R&TD areas include: Visual Computing, Mobile Information Visualisation, Security Technology, E-Business and Information Visualisation, Digital Storytelling, CAD & Telematics, CAE & Multimedia, Multimedia Information and Presentation, Virtual Reality and Wide Area Information Systems Most of the work carried out by CGC is applied research and development. As a link between the scientific research and the business practice, CGC contributes considerably to the technology transfer between universities and industry. In addition, the transfer of knowledge and experience among industrial, trade, and research groups is realised by joint R&D projects. Through this knowledge transfer from research to practical applications CGC contributes to the technological advantage of European trade and industry. CGC has a long experience in EU projects (e.g. DELTA, TELEMATICS, CTS, RACE, ESPRIT, IST) and has produced significant results in these projects.


CGC will concentrate mainly on 3D Acquisition Research (WP2.3) and 3D Face Recognition Algorithm (WP2.4).